Ensure Your Valuables are Secure

Our previous blog looked at your personal security, particularly when the evenings are shorter. This one looks at how to protect your home, office and property.

  • When you leave your house ensure all windows and doors are locked. Don’t leave keys in the window locks.
  • Leave a light on when you leave the house, so it appears as though someone is in or use timers to switch lights on/off during the evening. SMART tech allows you to control your home more effectively than ever before. Lighting and heating can be controlled from your phone easily through solutions such as Nest and Hive.
  • Consider other SMART tech such a video doorbells. They connect to your phone, allowing you to answer the phone from anywhere. Some, like the 2N solution will also take a picture and send it to you. However, don’t tell them where you are. If they believe they can get in and out before you get home, they may consider it worth the risk.
  • Do not leave your personal belongings on display. You’re simply tempting people to try and get them.
  • Never leave a spare key lying around even if you know a partner/housemate is returning soon. Leaving one under the mat is never a good idea.
  • If you see anyone acting suspiciously, report it to Crimestoppers or the police (take as good a description as you can – apparent age, sex, height, clothing, distinguishing marks/tattoos etc.)
  • Use a UV pen to mark your valuables with your address.
  • Use tracking apps in case your things get lost or stolen so you can get them back. For non-electronic items, consider RFID tags that can be used to both track and identify stolen or lost property.
  • Do not leave your property unattended, particularly mobile phones and laptops.
  • Carry your laptop in a shopping bag or a rucksack when travelling alone as a laptop bag will draw attention to it.
  • If you are away from your accommodation for an extended period take your personal items with you and check your home is secure before leaving.

SMART tech can help with a great deal around your home and office. Not only do they allow you to control what happens, they create a record of what happens. In the event of a crime, this can provide the police with vital information to help solve the crime. If you are unsure, we are happy to talk about your concerns and provide advice on what solutions are available to you.

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