4K Security Cameras – All You Need to Know

There are all kinds of security cameras that you can find in the market today. In fact, you’re spoilt for choice. It can become quite difficult to choose one kind. The latest to join this long list are 4K security cameras and we provide a guide on all you need to know about them.

What is a 4K Security Camera?

4K security camera systems, also known as 8MP security camera systems, are security systems that rely on high performance image sensors to capture surveillance videos. The typical resolution in which these videos have captured us 3840 x 2160 pixels. That’s 4-times the pixels captured by full HD or 1080p security cameras.

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What this means is that the images capture will be of a significantly higher quality. You can expect them to be crisper and clearer than anything you’ve ever see. For instance, you can zoom in on objects without having to worry about significant loss in image detail.

4K security camera systems come with a range of 4K security IP cameras. At the minimum, you’ll have 2. Then, there’s the 4K NVR/DVR as well, with varying densities such as 4, 8, 16, 32, and up to 128 channels.

Certain 64 and 128 channel 4K NVRs even come with hot-swap hard drives, which allow users to replace video storage without suffering any major downtime. These 4K NVR security cameras are great for business security needs.

However, in the case of 4K security camera systems for your home, you can choose the number of channels and cameras in accordance with your needs.

How Does a 4K Security Camera Work?

In a system consisting of 4K security cameras, the functioning is dependent on the image sensors. The image sensors capture the light that falls on the lens and then, turns them into electric signals. This process is what influences the quality of the image.

The image sensors are classified following the megapixel figures. The more megapixels you have, the greater the resolution of the image.

The minimal requirement would be 8-megapixel sensors for the system to qualify as a 4K security camera system. This ensures you get an image of at least 2160p.

Slightly more advanced 4K security camera systems, wired or wireless, come with advanced image sensors. These sensors have low noise, high dynamic range, and high sensitivity. As a result, you will be able to enjoy crisp images even under low-light conditions or high-contrast conditions.

4K Security Camera Advantages

The number of 4K security camera advantages are many. The first and most obvious benefit is the image quality. The images are far more detailed and crisper with 4K security cameras.

As stated above, this is due to the high-performance image sensors. These sensors can capture clear images under most conditions. This can include moonlit areas and even areas with over-exposure. The impeccable image quality allows for better evidence collection and you don’t have to deal with pixelated images at all. Even the minutest details tend to be visible.

This brings us to the other benefit – detail with zooning. In non-4K security cameras, image detail is lost significantly when zoomed. That’s not a problem with 4K security cameras. There are a greater number of pixels and that means you can zoom in all you want and still end up with an extremely detailed image.

For instance, you want to zoom in on a face or even a tattoo, the image delivered by your 4K security camera will provide you with a crisp and clear image. Once again, you have the advantage of proper evidence collection. Not a single vandal or burglar will be able to deny their involvement with that kind of clarity.

Additionally, there’s the advantage of wider area coverage. Not only do 4K security cameras offer detailed images, they also cover larger areas. This is because most of them rely on wide angle lenses to capture footage; eliminating blind spots and also minimizing your need for additional cameras. A single 4K security camera will be able to capture the entire front porch, from one end to the other.

This leads to a reduction in installation time as well. You may just have to install one or two cameras at the most to cover most of the areas around your property.

Best 4K Security Cameras

There are plenty of options out there today. Though we can’t tell you which one to choose, we can give you a couple of options. Firstly, there’s the IndigoVision, HIK or Avigilon IP cameras. These 4K security camera can cover a lot of distance and it can do this in the dark. You get about 250 feet of night vision, thanks to the IP Motorized Varifocal. Zoom and focus can be controlled remotely.

The camera works in most weather conditions and can be mounted horizontally and vertically.

Then, there’s the Ultra HD Varifocal POE Dome. Which allows for high-quality recording in small sizes. So, you get to store more footage and record longer well. More importantly, there is no loss in detail, despite the compressed file size.

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