6 Reasons Why You Must Maintain Your CCTV Systems

Put simply, you have invested in a CCTV system to keep the people and property that are important to you safe. Maintaining your CCTV system ensures they stay safe, but let’s look at this in more detail.

  1. Dirt 
    Dirt can cause issues in a number of ways. Although there are very few moving parts on cameras these days, the fan can suck in dirt. This builds up and leads to overheating, that may lead to premature electronics failure. Probably more importantly, when that dirt is on the lens, it will impact the quality of the images being captured.
  2. Focus, Position & Tracking 
    However a camera has been fixed to a building, it can move slightly. Vibration, high winds or even knocks can move the camera away from where it is supposed to be monitoring and affect its ability to focus properly. As with dirt, this can impact the quality of the images being captured. If you are proactively watching someone with your CCTV system, what happens if the control mechanisms aren’t working? A Walk Test should be carried out regularly to ensure that you can watch people when you need to, including when they pass from one camera’s view to another.
  3. Pre-emptive maintenance 
    If your CCTV cameras or system isn’t working, you aren’t keeping your property monitored and safe. As with any technology, it needs to be monitored and maintained to keep it working effectively. You will have someone who maintains your IT and your phones to spot any issues before they cause a problem. You service your car regularly. Why wouldn’t you do the same with your CCTV?
  4. The Police 
    If the worst does happen and you need to involve the police because you have been burgled or something has happened to a member of staff, you need to be confident that your CCTV has recorded high-quality images that will help in their investigations. Your insurance company will probably want the images too.
  5. Behind the scenes 
    The visual piece of any CCTV is most likely the cameras themselves, but they are simply recording the images. Behind the scenes, the system is collecting and cataloging the recordings. You need to be confident that you can replay the footage when you need to. If all recordings are being archived or backed-up onto another hard drive, is that working? If you’re in an industry where this important – security or a regulated sector – you have to know that the data is being backed up and can be recovered. If the cataloging is incorrect (is showing the wrong date or time), this is not going to be admissible when it is needed.
  6. Emergencies 
    If the worst does happen and your CCTV simply stops working, you want it working again ASAP. Without a maintenance agreement in place, you may have to wait a long time before it is fixed. What happens if something happens whilst your system is down? 
    To summarise all of this, maintaining your CCTV system will keep it working correctly, it will save you money in the long run and it will provide the peace of mind your people are looking to you for.

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