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Improving security measures and maintaining proper access control systems in any property is important for the safety & security of its occupants. Businesses need to have solid protection systems in place in order to ensure that threats are deterred whether physically or technologically. High-quality security access systems provide protection to the staff, valuable assets, confidential information and reduces the risk of data breaches and other cyber-threats.Access control systems can involve:

  • Proximity Cards & Fobs
  • Biometric Scanners (Fingerprint, Face or retina)
  • Video Surveillance
  • Alarms
  • Video Intercoms
  • Pin Codes, etc.

In the past, a lot of businesses used traditional methods as security solutions. However, with new, advanced innovations, it’s important that organizations adapt and improve to complement equally advancing threats as well. Here are 6 very crucial ways implementing an access control system can benefit your business.

Monitoring and Reporting

Firstly, having various access control systems in your organization will enable the ability to take note of every person who gains access to your building each day. You will know at all times and be able to keep up with access activity. It will also record other minor but important details such as their identity, occupation, role in the business, reason for entry and what hours they entered and left the facility.

This level of control where access control systems automate the whole process, allows business owners to also have regulation rights over who can access buildings or rooms at all times or on certain days. Some companies even use this ability to customize individual working schedules. Cleaners and IT staff, for example, may need 24-hour access into the building & with an access control system installed, this is possible.

Having mentioned hours, this method of security can also monitor card clocks to resolve any timekeeping issues you might experience – Further highlighting possible employee tardiness and other issues that may decrease productivity.

Having active monitoring and reporting for a business will prove difficult for anyone trying to access the property or premise without the correct credentials. It will also prove crucial and valuable in the event that a criminal or an intruder does happen to trespass, and evidence is needed in resolving the case.

Increased Safety

All companies are vulnerable to theft and robbery. Threats are endless and you never know what kind of people can have access to your assets, data and even employees. To avoid any unauthorized entry, there needs to be a controlled security system in place that will help you maintain protection by granting necessary site access. In this way, you will also be able to protect the people who are supposed to be working for you and indirectly trust you with their safety during work hours.

Staff that feels safe and protected attain a peace of mind and that inevitably increases job satisfaction & productivity. Workers that feel shielded from harm during their work period will be able to give their best every day when coming in, boosting overall work morale in the organization. When wanting to come in after work hours too, they will do so freely, knowing they are protected against any threat or harm in and outside immediate work premises.

An access control system deters criminals at various access points. Criminals look for opportunities with little risk and high reward. With an effective system, you eliminate the possibility of easy entry from various access points such as:

  • Primary entry and egress points
  • Access ramps
  • Parking garages
  • Elevators
  • Networks and workstations
  • Comms & Tech Rooms
  • Cash office

Additionally, using an access control system enables a business to only give approved or specially trained employees access to designated areas. A fitting example for this advantage would be when a company might want to limit who has access to a supply room, so it keeps better track of supplies. Other businesses might want to limit who has access to areas with hazardous chemicals or equipment, so they can reduce potential accidents involving untrained employees.

Not forgetting customers as well, who are more likely to collaborate and be interested in services & products of a company that places importance on their safety whether on-site or off-site.

Ease of Implementation & Integration

Installing a business security system is a seamless process. Assigning access to certain areas of your building is simple and automatic with a system that uses your employee demographic data. You are also able to enter your data manually for customizable authorized access in the manner in which you would prefer.

Furthermore, your employees do not struggle with the upgrade because they are simply able to obtain access using an authorized credential for identification, access control, time and attendance tracking, & more.

When it comes to integration, access control systems have integration capabilities that serve as an advantage to its recipients. Many businesses already have a variety of existing systems implemented that security systems can be integrated with to form one, seamless and logical solution. For example, access control ID cards can be programmed to integrate with existing in-house systems such as barriers, print management and even PC’s.

Cost Effective

Granted, installing an access control system might be a bit costly in the beginning. However, the ongoing management process and capabilities then lower operational costs, making it an effective solution. For example, a keyless entry is a cost-saving measure. Should someone lose their key card, it’s much easier to replace one and reprogram the system than it is to change the entire building’s locks.

Changing the locks is expensive on its own and will have to be accompanied by the cost of issuing every employee a new key. An access control system also eliminates the need of having to print and photocopy ID cards as all of that information will be captured or be available electronically; a resolution that not only saves cost, but is friendly on the environment too.

Another cost-saving benefit is one of being able to have remote access of your business. Access control systems can be integrated with the building’s general management system, making it easy to program when to turn the lights off, control the temperature and more. This automatic configuration significantly lowers electricity bills.

Remote Access

To expand further on remote access, with an access control system you also have the capacity to award entry remotely. Going back to our point of Monitoring and Reporting, you can keep an eye on your business without having to be physically in.

Other access control systems solutions are based in the cloud, making it possible to view and make changes to the system from anywhere with an internet connection. There’s ability to change access levels, temporarily unlock doors for trusted individuals, add or remove credentials and print security reports.

Cloud-based electronic access control also lowers the cost of equipment and maintenance by eliminating the need to buy a dedicated server, pay license fees and arrange software update agreements. A cloud-hosted server comes complete with IT support, automatic updates and data backups for a small monthly price.

Protected Data

Over the years until much recently, it has become pretty evident and publicly clear that companies vulnerable to data breach lose much more than they bargained for. The physical threat is an issue, but technological threats prove to be a major problem for businesses too.

Electronic access control assists with such a risk by placing authorized access for servers and data rooms. Access credentials are required to log into networks and workstations in order to help protect any sensitive employee, client and general company data.

An additional layer of security is added to vulnerable areas within your facility and methods such as the second authentication with a Personal Identification Number along with biometrics are implemented. For a simpler solution, key cards are also able to allow or disallow employees from accessing certain computers connected to the company’s network without the need to install special software. These all serve as a more efficient system of preventing data breaches.

Your property has to be protected if your business is to thrive and grow. Keeping that in mind, at DS Security add Group. we provide Commercial Security Solutions that ensure your staff & your property are safe & secure. Contact Us on 020 8543 2959 to find out more.

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