7 Reasons To Maintain Your Access Control System

So now you have seen the benefits of a maintenance contract on a CCTV System and what goes on behind the scenes of your equipment, let’s now look at the reasons you need to maintain your access control solution.

You swipe your card or present your fob at a reader and the door allows you access meaning the system is working and your staff can gain access to the building and carry out their duties. But there is a lot more to the Access Control System which you may not be aware of and if maintained correctly will ensure the effective running of your system.

7 Reasons

On a scheduled maintenance visit our engineer will carry out various checks that are not always noticeable to the user.

  • A build-up of dirt can impact your security
    • A build-up of dirt can stop card readers from working, meaning you may struggle to get into the building.
    • Finger marks can show people which digits make up the combination. Assuming you don’t use the same digit, a typical keyboard (0-9) normally has 10,000 possible combinations (if the code is 4 digits), but if you know what 4 digits, that number is reduced to just 24!
  • Door locks need to be checked. Partly to ensure they are working smoothly and partly to ensure nobody has locked it open, just “to make life easier”.
  • Right to Exit Buttons get pushed a huge number of times every day. Let’s check that their mechanisms aren’t wearing out, so that you can get out when you want to.
  • When was the last time the data on your system was backed up? If there is a system failure and the data is lost, nobody can use your system until it’s reloaded. How much chaos would that cause?
  • System updates need to be applied regularly. If your system isn’t connected to the internet, this has to be done locally.
  • Locking screws on doors tends to undo with the vibration and these need to be secured with lock-tight.
  • Emergency opening and Fire Alarm connection need to be tested to ensure they unlock in an emergency.

As you can see there is a lot more to an Access Control System and not just that your card or fob opens the door for you, behind the scene checks are just as important for your system too.

For more information on the maintenance support available from DS Security, have a read of this page, or call us on 020 8543 2959

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