Royal Blackheath Golf Club

Keeping The World's Oldest Golf Club Secure

Royal Blackheath Golf Club has a rich and illustrious history dating back over 400 years. Its claim to be the world’s oldest golf club has remained unchallenged for over 175 years.

DS Security was therefore product to be appointed, in partnership with our sister company, Gate-a-Mation, to upgrade the club’s entrance.

The Situation

Royal Blackheath Golf Club has been located at its current site since 1894. In addition to the historic clubhouse building with its important records and artefacts, highly valuable equipment is stored in the green-keeper’s buildings and the pro shop. Until recently, the only entrance security was a manual barrier across the roadway.

The Requirement

The club required complete control of access to the club, including pedestrians. In addition to be aesthetically pleasing and secure, the new system would need to enable easy passage for members and staff and provide control over visitor access.

Of course, it goes without saying that the solution had to maintain the quality of the club.

The Solution

Having established the client’s requirement, DS Security and Gate-a-Mation worked together to provide a bespoke solution, comprising:

  • CCTV systems utilising both high resolution colour and infra-red dome cameras.
  • State of the art Paxton Access Control Net2 system and integration into the club’s membership management system.
  • Automated steel vehicle gates and pedestrian gate allowing access by fob systems, keypad code and intercom.
CCTV Access Control
An image of A CCTV camera
An image of a Wall CCTV Camera

The Benefits

A single point of contact streamlined the project management process. All traffic is now viewed and recorded providing a safe, secure, environment for everyone. Access control cards allow safe entrance and exit during early mornings and evenings. Staff can monitor access and passage from designated areas thus allowing them to carry out their work without compromising security. The system also allows smooth vehicle passage and ongoing monitoring whilst parking.

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