Increasing and future-proofing the Private Estate’s Security

Southlands Parkside is 8 acres of townhouses and apartments, surrounded bylandscaped grounds on the edge of Wimbledon Common. The community is gated and protected by a full-time security team.

What triggered the project?

In late September 2018, one of the apartment blocks had a water leak. Unfortunately, the water reached the door entry system and, whilst it still allowed people to control who they let in, it took away some of the functionality, particularly the video aspect.

Then, in December, four of the apartments were broken into by men who climbed over the pedestrian gate at the rear of the estate.

Southlands park
An image of access control system

The Solution

DS Security installed the original CCTV system ten years ago. At that time, this was state of the art, but technology has moved on since then.

The solution to Southland’s needs can best be shown in three sections.

1.Pedestrian Control

On Entrance Gates: 2N Helios IP Verso Modular Door Intercoms, with keypads and RFID/Bluetooth readers were installed at both the front and rear gates. These allow residents’ access via a pin number, key fob or the 2N Mobile Key app on their smartphones. 

Pedestrian visitors can call the person they are visiting from these panels or contact the security guard if needed. When called in this way, residents can answer the call on their smartphone (no entry telephone needed in the hallway) and provide, or deny, access.

Cameras in the intercom provide video for the residents, so they can see who their visitor is. 

On Apartment Buildings: The same intercom panel is being rolled out across the estate. In the picture you can see two access control panels. Once the rollout of the 2N Helios system is complete, the legacy panels will be removed. 

In addition to the intercoms at the main entrance to each apartment building, we have installed RFID/Bluetooth readers in the carpark, so residents can access the building after parking their car underneath. 

Should a resident lose a security fob, there is a chance that this could be used by the finder before the resident has had an opportunity to report and deauthorise the fob. For this reason, the intercom takes still images that can be used in the future, for example, in the case of a security incident. 

The security guards can also be proactive. If they see people acting suspiciously, they can call the intercom and give verbal warnings to these people, hopefully scaring them off!

An image of door entry
Southlands security systems
An image of human identification

2. Vehicle Control

The estate has two entry points, but you cannot drive from one of the estates to the other. Residents who live on Southlands Drive can only access through one gate, with Belmont Mews and Chapman Square accessing through the other. It is the same for visitors. Access is controlled via the use of the smartphone app or the existing gate transmitters.

3. Unauthorised Visitors

Ensuring that the December 2018 incident doesn’t happen again is a huge priority. This is being dealt with through CCTV Ai (Artificial Intelligence) technology.

Intrusion Zones

Areas away from roads and paths, such as the borders around the apartment blocks, are marked as intrusion zones, so that any time anyone goes into those zones in the evening, the security guards are alerted and can take action. The system can separate animals and humans, so a wandering fox will not trigger an alarm.

Human Identification

Individuals walking in through the rear vehicle gate can be a cause for concern, particularly at night. The “ Deep Learning” IP camera installed can alert the security guards when someone walks in. Within the security office, this system automatically puts that camera’s video feed into full screen onto their video monitors to alert the security guard.

The Results

Whilst the project is still being rolled out across the apartment buildings,
residents are much happier about the security on their estate.
  • The security guards have more tools to help them provide the security the residents need.
  • Images are now better-quality using HD (High Definition) low light cameras. If images are needed, for example by the police, they are much better quality.
  • Residents can now use their phones to manage their own security, making their lives much easier.
  • The system is future proof so that additional cameras or new technology can be added if needed.


“DS Security have been fantastic, very responsive and easy to work with. Based
on the work they have done here; we have instructed them for another site
we manage.”
Juan, Estate Manager at Bartholomews