US & Co

Security & Responsibility Hand In Hand

Co-working spaces are very much en-vogue these days, with communal working being beneficial for a range of people, from freelancers and micro-startups to much bigger firms requiring only a small number of people in London.

The Client

US & Co is a new co-working space just off Lower Thames Street, London. They’ve been described as the next level of co-working space: Co-Working2.0 if you like.

Their approach is very different from other similar spaces, starting at the front door. Technology has removed the need for a receptionist (more details later on).

US & Co has the whole building at 7 Harp Lane and DS Security Group has been involved in the refurbishment project from the very beginning. The first part of the project was to install the CCTV. This allowed the building project to be monitored, both from a progress point of view and a security one.

DS Security was referred into the project by Artesian. That’s a relationship we’ve had for over 20 years and we’ve worked on many of their projects over the years!

US & Co’s approach is very much one of membership responsibility. Their clients become members rather than simply being clients. With this comes responsibility on both sides. US & Co commit to adopting them as quickly as possible. This means ensuring that they can work from the moment they walk in the door. With access to the building, to each floor, to the meeting rooms and the Clubspace controlled by their access cards, it’s vital that the security system integrates seamlessly with the space management platform: Office RND.

On the member’s side, they are responsible for their visitors and guests. They also need to answer the door for any deliveries.

Let’s walk you through the building as a way of demonstrating what has been done.

Front Door

The fluid nature of co-working spaces mean you cannot simply have a button for each company in the building. The video door entry system asks every visitor to enter their name. If the member they are visiting hasn’t added that visitor to the system, they cannot get in without calling the member. Once they enter their name, the member is alerted by the system calling their phone. The member unlocks the door using their phone.

Of course, there is also CCTV at the main entrance to record all activity.

Working Spaces

Access to each floor is controlled using SALTO access control, with permission based upon their profile within Office RND. Members cannot get into spaces they don’t need to.

360 degree fish-eye cameras monitor every part of every floor. In the unlikely event of something happening, the cameras have recorded it and can provide the evidence that is needed at the appropriate time.

The ten meeting rooms in the building are available to all members. They simply book the room they want through Office RND. Access to that meeting room is granted via the SALTO access control at the appropriate time only.

The Clubspace

The top floor space has great views over the Thames and surrounding areas through panoramic glass walls, but access to this space can only be gained using a member’s card.

360 degree cameras again monitor the whole space.

Technology Delivering Efficiency

US & Co were very specific in their requirements. All the technology in the building had to work together to provide the kind of experience they wanted for their members. Combining the various systems, including Medusa, Office RND and SALTO is a first in London. No other co-working space has such an innovative solution, allowing members control of their own environment whilst delivering the safety and security they expect and demand from US & Co.

What The Client Said

Warren Lewis, Centre Manager for US & Co described the solution as “Very intelligent. The integration is seamless and allows us to adopt members quickly and easily”.

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