Commercial Security Gates

Automatic Gate Systems

Our commercial security gates help you control the flow of vehicles and people in and out of your business. The quality build and components of our gates can be used for both industrial gates and business premesis.

You want the right people to be able to move quickly in and out of your car parks and loading bays without any unauthorized access.

Our range of commercial security gates, industrial gates, barriers, bollards and blockers will give you the control you want and the efficiencies you need.

Commercial Security Gates Complete Control

Our automated security gates can link to your access control systems, your staffing or membership databases and your CCTV to give you complete control of all access points. Imagine a few scenarios:

  • Car park barriers that recognise the number plates of your staff and automatically open as they approach.
  • Automated security gates or bollards that know when your delivery vehicles are approaching your warehouse and will automatically open.
  • CCTV cameras that record every vehicle and/or driver that comes through your gates.
  • Security gates that can be controlled via smartphones, so you don’t need to have someone manning the button all day.

Our site surveys will identify everything needed to give you the perimeter security you are looking for.

We will look at the power supply to the gates, the fencing it joins with and the local geology (to make sure it is firmly fixed to the ground).

Your security gates are the first line of protection for your business; they are also the first thing a visitor sees. We will make sure they give the right impression too. Do they need your company logo on them? Should they be painted in your corporate colours?

Your security gates will make the impression you want: that security is important to your business. Authorised personnel will be able to get in easily while Unauthorised persons will not.

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