Asset Protection Systems

DS Security Has Partnered with MyTAG

We are proud to be associated with MyTag. MyTAG are specialists in developing innovative & tailored asset management solutions.

MyTAG is utilized for many different applications including:

  • Proof of presence & lone worker support during manned security patrols.
  • Key & other portable asset management in major buildings.
  • Proof of asset servicing.
  • Proof of compliance for portable appliances, fire doors, fire extinguishers and sprinklers.
  • Time & attendance of hotel housekeeping staff.
  • Proof of ID with a secure ID card system.
  • Field-Force Management to ensure employees & contractors fulfil visit/audit obligations.
  • Postroom mail & document management

Asset Protection Solutions

Protecting what is valuable to your business

Your valuable items need protecting. This could be IT equipment or artwork. It could be sculptures or furniture. It may be books, whether in a library of 1,000’s of books or a small collection of first editions.

Our asset protection solutions will tell you when they get moved or leave your building. Our job is to help you prevent the theft of your high-value physical assets. View our Asset Tagging Range.

Dependent upon the item, and how it is used, you have the option of Active RFID systems or Passive RFID systems. So what’s the difference?

  • Active RFID will tell you if something is moved, whether a highly valuable sculpture is nudged (and therefore in danger of falling and breaking) or network servers being pulled out of place in the server room.
  • Passive RFID will tell you when something leaves a particular area. Library books and CDs are the most common uses of these. Also, think of the tags on clothes and alcohol in the shops.

How We Work With You

We work with businesses, museums and libraries to protect the physical assets that are valuable to them.

Our asset protection systems can easily integrate with existing building management and security systems to ensure that if something isn’t where it should be, you will know about it!

What is RFID? It stands for Radio Frequency Identification and we work with the world’s leading RFID manufacturers to provide you with the right solution for your needs.

Asset Protection Services