What Is Asset Tagging?

Asset Tagging Information

Asset protection is a system of asset tagging valuable items and monitoring/tracking their movements. The right Asset Tagging system can provide organisations with the most comprehensive solutions for the art world and business asset management.

Real Time

The DS Security asset protection system has the capacity to track, protect and manage critical assets in real-time.

Reduce Costs

Asset tracking systems bolster efficiency, substantially reduce costs and manpower, and yield new information about business processes.


The asset protection solutions we install has been developed by one of the world’s leading physicists, which when combined with the latest wireless technologies is setting new standards in security information systems.

Multi Sites

This asset protection system can work as a stand-alone application or work over multi site organisations.

Data entry is only required once. The software can integrate with existing building management and security systems.


The system can integrate with other management systems and allows for easy import and export of data.

Completely Safe

Tags do not emit more power than 10 milli watts. Such low power output does not affect everyday office electronic equipment.

Easy Use

Tags are easily attached using special, acrylic permanent glue or replaceable double-sided adhesive pads.

No Limit To Numbers

There is no practical limit to the amount of assets that can be registered and protected by system.

The size of the building, the number of employees, the amount, type and distribution of assets, location and size of exit portals, and the organisation’s working practices must all be considered.

The Horus Asset Protection System

This simplified ‘stand alone’ protection system is ideal for use in establishments requiring protection for individual valuables – from galleries to golf clubs.

The system can be installed and configured in a matter of minutes.

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