Security Consultancy & Training

Security Consultancy & Training Services

We provide a range of bespoke security consulting services.

Our security consulting services utilise former law enforcement professionals, subject matter and industry experts that have extensive experience in crime prevention, risk management, security threat assessments, personal safety and conflict management, licensing protection, major and critical incident management, contingency and event planning.

Our associates can undertake detailed, discreet and confidential security consultancy reviews and deliver accredited training in a number of diverse areas including; industrial, sporting stadium and events, education, night time economy and retail.

Our Services

  • Schools and Colleges
  • Maritime travel and close protection
  • Corporate travel within the UK and abroad
  • Licensed premises
  • Conflict management and Customer Service
  • Terrorism threats & Kidnap
  • Security Procedures, Penetration testing & Audit
  • Event management
  • Safeguarding including vulnerable persons
  • Carers and Care homes
  • Self-storage facilities or industrial business parks
  • Sporting events including large national sporting stadia
  • Counter Terrorism in business awareness
  • Museums and visitor centres
  • ID Scanning technology for admissions & compliance

Security Consultancy Services