UK Close Protection Services

We are experts in close protection security

Our close protection services utilise staff that have extensive experience of looking after corporate clients and high value assets both in hostile and lower-threat environments.

In addition to the above services we are able to offer the very best drivers in discreet chauffeuring of clients and families anywhere in the UK. This can be enhanced by specialist surveillance close protection teams that remain covert whilst providing protection.

Examples of services:

  • Protection of corporate or domestic properties.
  • Close protection of family members.
  • Close protection of corporate clients.
  • Discreet protection and movement of high value goods.
  • Chauffeuring of corporate clients and family members.
  • Specialist close-quarter protection training to clients, family members and close support elements such as nannies.

Advanced CCTV and active alarm systems, to protect buildings, assets and individuals.

Security Protection