Dome Camera Vs. Bullet Camera – Which is the Best Buy?

Security cameras, also known as CCTV Surveillance cameras, are an essential

tool for every home and office these days.

With crime rates increasing in the

cities and suburbs, you can never be too safe. Taking up measures to protect
your home and your workplace from a break-in has become more important
than ever.
A CCTV camera can help a great deal in preventing break-ins and to identify
miscreants in case a crime has occurred in your premises. CCTV cameras can
also act as a warning for potential intruders and burglars that they are being
CCTV cameras are available in abundance in the market. You will come across a
variety of specifications from different brands that you can opt for. The two
main types of CCTV cameras used, though, are the dome type and the bullet

type. Both types have their own unique characteristics.

Which of these types of

security cameras will best fit your needs? The following descriptions and
comparisons should help you answer that question.

Dome Cameras

Dome security cameras are named so because of their dome shape. These
cameras are enclosed in a transparent dome and are usually mounted on the
ceiling or under the eaves of your building. These dome cameras can be
installed both indoors and outdoors, but most people usually install them
indoors. These security cameras are generally used in business establishments
such as shopping malls, hotels, big offices, and restaurants. You can even
install them at your home, though, if they serve your purpose.
Dome security cameras are used in applications where a wide-angle view of the
entire place is desired. Due to the specific design of the dome camera, they
can cover a much larger area for surveillance.

Bullet Cameras

Bullet cameras refer to the ones that are cylindrical in shape, looking like a
bullet shell. These cameras are more seen in homes and small offices. These
can also be installed both indoors and outdoors. Bullet cameras are mostly

used because of their longer range and lens size.

They are good for

surveillance of outdoor areas like parking lots or backyards. Bigger lenses can
be fit to a bullet camera owing to its design.

Dome camera advantages

Dome cameras have several advantages, which make it a good buying option.
Let us have a look at some of these advantages:
  • One of the biggest advantages is that a person cannot easily tell which way the camera is pointing, thanks to its dome shape.
  • These cameras are perfect for indoor installation due to their compact design and minimum space consumption.
  • These cameras cannot be easily vandalized as the lens is protected by the dome, which is usually made of tough material. There are also special vandal-proof dome cameras available.
  • This camera has better coverage due to its 360-degree rotating design. It can cover all sides of a large area under surveillance.
  • Dome cameras cannot be repositioned or tampered with by intruders or miscreants, and none of the moveable components are accessible from the outside, unlike bullet cameras.
  • Dome cameras are weatherproof as they are enclosed and usually installed in a position where direct sunlight or rain doesn’t reach them.
  • Dome cameras are good for a more covert application as these can be easily hidden from plain sight, unlike bullet cameras.

Bullet camera advantages

The bullet camera, too, like the dome camera, has its own advantages and

uses. Here are some of the major advantages of the bullet camera:

  • Bullet cameras can usually fit bigger lenses owing to their construction. This means that they have a longer range of view.
  • These cameras are perfect for outdoor surveillance where you need to see up to a longer distance.
  • These cameras usually stick out of the wall or pole they are attached to and can serve as a warning to people that they are under surveillance. When you want people to know that the place is under watch, bullet cameras are a better option.
  • Bullet cameras are comparatively easier to install as they can be mounted on any vertical or horizontal surface.
  • A bullet camera can be easily repositioned to change the field of view. But this also comes with the risk of being tampered with by intruders.

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Choosing between a dome and a bullet camera

As seen above, the differences between a dome and a bullet camera are very
little. Both these types of security cameras are good for your regular security
surveillance requirements. The choice of the type of camera you need to buy,
though, totally depends on your preferences.
The general idea is to go for a bullet camera if you want to send a message to
prospective intruders that you have a security system in place. The bullet

camera is easily visible, and intruders would be intimidated by it.

If you need a more covert or hidden surveillance, you should rather go for a dome security

camera. These are not easily seen and can help you get hold of someone who
has been creating a nuisance in your premises for a long time.
Apart from this, the range and field of view you want to cover is also another
criteria to consider. Whichever camera you choose, make sure that they are weatherproof, have
night vision, and are easy to operate.
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