Integrated Security

Today’s businesses use lots of different systems. From the standard Microsoft package to your accounts/payroll, through to your security systems such as alarms and access control. Thankfully you can link these systems so that information moves between them to make your life easier. Let’s have a look at how integrated security can help your business…

Identifying Unauthorised Personnel

Your security systems are there to help ensure that unauthorised personnel isn’t getting into your building. Sometimes, however, they do get in. At this point you want to be able to identify them, particularly if they have taken or damaged something. By linking your CCTV and access control systems, retrieval of footage covering events can be done quickly and easily. Footage and other records needed by the authorities can easily be exported.

Face recognition cameras can be set to trigger an alarm when they recognize specific faces. Do you have a special visitor coming and you want to be alerted when they arrive? Wonder if we could get it to play Happy Birthday to staff as they arrive??

Intrusion detection will even let you “mark” certain areas of your building where you want to know if people enter. Perhaps approaching a high security part of your building. If someone then left an object in that area, alerts can be created to have the object checked.

Only Let In Your Members

Whether you have a gym, golf club or co-working space, it makes sense to link your membership system with your access control. If someone hasn’t paid their membership fees, it makes sense that they shouldn’t be able to use your facilities until they have paid. Linking the two allows you to automatically restrict entry until they have paid.

Get Rid Of Your Clocking In Machine

If you staff are paid on an hourly basis, you’ve probably got some sort of clocking in system. This may simply be a sign-in sheet, or it could be a clocking in machine. If they have to swipe a card or present a tag to get into the building, why not use that information?

The information will be more accurate. Their swipe card or tag, which they always carry when going to work, has a unique identifier whereas its easy for them to get a friend to clock in on many login systems.

False Alarms

How many times have staff set off the alarms in your building because they’ve gone in when they shouldn’t? Perhaps they’ve left something behind or they need to pick something up, early in the morning, before going to a meeting. If they aren’t authorized to be in the building outside of normal working hours or aren’t someone who can activate/deactivate the alarms, you don’t want them in there. By integrating your alarm and access control systems, you can do two things here:

  • Automatically set/turn off the alarms when authorized personnel enter/leave the building (within certain time parameters of course) so there isn’t that mad rush through the building to the alarm panel (they are rarely by the front door!)
  • Ensure that those who aren’t authorized cannot get into the building outside of normal working hours.

The police will not be happy If your alarms are going off regularly. It is likely your alarm company has removed Response and there’s a good chance they will be charging you more too.

Visitor Management

Whether you run a co-working space, a multi-tenancy building or you simply have lots of visitors coming to your office, the management of these people can be tricky. Access control systems can be integrated into your visitor management system, membership system or even lift control systems.

Imagine the following:

  • Visitors contact the person they are visiting directly, without the need for a receptionist.
  • Visitors can only get into the building if they have been pre-authorised or are let in by the person they are visiting.
  • Once in, access is only granted to certain parts of the building because doors and lifts won’t open anywhere else.

Meeting Room Management

How many times do you see arguments over who booked a meeting room? If the only person who can get into the meeting room is the person who has booked it, those arguments will go away.

These are just a few of the ways integrated security can help you. They will save you time, save you money and help you manage the space you have more effectively.

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