Residential Services

Your family are the most important thing in your life and your home really is where the heart is. We have been helping homeowners keep their families and property safe since 1993.

Our residential security systems will give you peace of mind that your family and your property are protected.

For individual homes, we have:

  • CCTV systems connected to your doorbell that send you a picture of everyone who rings your doorbell.
  • Fingerprint controlled locks, so only your family can open the doors.
  • Door entry solutions that can pop up with the image of the visitor and can link to an app.
  • Garage door controls that know when your car is pulling up to your house and open automatically.
  • Automatic gates controlled by your smartphone, and much more.
Residential Security
Home Security

What We Can Do

For residential apartment buildings we can:

  • Have your door entry system connect with the smartphone of the resident someone is visiting.
  • Only provide access to car parks for registered cars through number plate recognition cameras.
  • Provide access to your building using just your smartphone or fob, so no more keys.
  • Allow visitors and delivery drivers to call your mobile phone so you can be in, when you are out.

Our home security solutions can work with your connected home or remain independent, so you have the control you want, through the devices you want, so you know your family and property are fully protected.

To find out more, call us on 020 8543 2959, or click here and we will call you.