Automatic Gates

Whether you live in a house or an apartment building, an automatic gate at your home will protect in so many ways:

  • They stop unwanted people getting even close to your home
  • They stop your children or pets running out onto the road
  • They will stop people stealing your car

As well as adding a layer of security, they make a statement about your house.

With 1000's of automatic gate installation behind us, you can be confident that we will supply, install and maintain the right automatic gate for your needs.

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Automatic Security Gate
Security Gate

Expert Security

There are plenty of automatic gate providers on the market, but we believe our gates provide a different class of security:

  • Wiring designed to cope with years and years of British weather.
  • Support pillars are installed so they simply won’t move over time.
  • Sensors that when someone is blocking its movement, automatically moving them away so eliminate injury risk.
  • Gates that, in the event of power loss, will open from the inside only, meaning you can get to work or get the kids to school.

Our home security solutions can work with your connected home or remain independent, so you have the control you want, through the devices you want, so you know your family and property are fully protected.

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Comprehensive Surveys

Our site survey will identify exactly what needs to be done to give you the right automatic gate and enhance the security of your home: the right material and colour, the right opening style and the right integration into your current security provision.

  • Do you want video or just audio when a visitor rings for access?
  • Do you want your gate to automatically open when you approach?
  • Would you like your garage to open as your gates open?

Our surveyors will go through all your needs with you to give you the perfect automatic gate for your home.

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